Wesley Nurse- Ann Scarth

Wesley Nurse

Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. has partnered with First United Methodist Church of Mason to provide health and wellness services for the Mason area through its Wesley Nurse Health Ministries™ program.  Wesley Nurse Health Ministries™ is a faith-based, holistic health and wellness program designed to promote the optimal health of the mind, body, and spirit through self-empowerment. This goal is achieved through the outreach of Wesley Nurses.

A Wesley Nurse, like all other nurses, has a primary role of serving; however, the Wesley Nurses’ practice field is not confined within the walls of an institution, but rather, encompasses the community at large.

Although Wesley Nurses’ are housed within the church, they serve the unique needs and personality of the congregation, the community, and individuals of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, at all stages of life, especially the under-served in small communities where health services are limited.

The Wesley Nurse primarily facilitates health and wellness programs and social services, but also supports the church as it offers spiritual services by providing health education presentations and classes to groups or individuals. The Wesley Nurse also participates in, and facilitates health fairs and community education events.

All services are free, confidential, and open to the community. Because of the unique ministry of the Wesley Nurse, the role is different and does not compete with others already locally established and provided. The Wesley Nurse in the Mason area is Ann Scarth, RN. If you would like additional information about the program, please call Ms. Scarth at (325) 347-5983.

Ann Scarth RN, Wesley Nurse

224 Broad Street Mason, TX 76856 Phone: (325)347- 5983

Email: Bscarth@mhm.org